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A big block of text that just keeps going and going and there is really no reason for it but the formatting looks nice because it's all in a big block.

This web site is still under construction. It is not terribly useful, and it contains paragraphs that are too short.

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Border - Paints & Tools


This is a description, so it needs to be more than one paragraph. One could argue that this isn't what Hemingway would have done, and there is really no reason for this sentence and the ones around it. There are few who would disagree with that. Writing this kind of thing builds character, though, I would imagine.

One might expect the second paragraph to be the same kind of useless drivel, but it includes a link to my github page, something that might actually be classified as useful. Sure, it's just one link in a whole paragraph, and then it keeps going on and on (and on), but if you compare it to the first paragraph it's really not that bad.

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Border - Paints & Tools


Border - Paints & Tools


There should really be some links to things here, but instead there is just a one-sentence paragraph.

Border - Paints & Tools

Here is a big block of headline 1 text to wrap things up with maybe a list containing one, two, three, four, as many as five items.